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Gabrielle Jackson, Retired Educator
I’m not unbiased in this election. Karina Quintanilla, running for District One, is the mother of a former student. When her daughter was on my robotics team Karina showed up to help, late into the evening, even though she was working full time. She values education above all else, not only for her own daughters, but for all the children of Palm Desert. She truly understands the struggles many residents are going through in this difficult time, dealing with Covid-19, all the trouble that came with it, not having reliable or adequate health and dental insurance, and taking care of a sick child while providing for her family. Also she is one of the most gracious people I know. She never takes a favor for granted and really listens when people talk to her. I hope she wins!
Dr. Kaitlyn Taylor
Karina has consistently proven herself to be a highly capable, approachable, and dedicated community servant, able to maintain a composed and diplomatic demeanor in even the most trying of circumstances. If her enthusiastic commitment to the development of our community’s students and future leaders is any indication, she will prove to be an invaluable asset while serving as a city council member.
Kelly Schoenfeld
BSN, RN, CEO of Lightning MD
I choose Karina Quintanilla as candidate for the office of Palm Desert City Council District 1. She is a tireless advocate for those under her care. We first became acquainted when she was a counselor at California State University, San Bernardino. I was a student enrolled in the Registered Nursing Program. Thanks to her help, I was able to go on and be hired directly into the ICU Trauma Unit at Desert Regional Medical Center- no easy feat. Without her constant attention to detail and dedication to my success, I would not be where I am today. I have since started a medical billing company, and I am also the CEO of Lightning MD, a software development company.
In these days of politicians promising results and very rarely delivering, I believe that Karina will break that mold and listen to her constituents. There is no one more willing to hear the voices in her community and improve conditions for all. Her standard is excellence, and that is sorely needed in these difficult times.
Karina is involved in many charity events and volunteer work. She has a solid gold heart, and has compassion rarely seen these days. I admire her greatly. For these reasons, I support Karina and believe that you should too. We all deserve better. Karina will deliver. Please join me in supporting her!
Rodolfo Curiel
TRIO Program, UC RIverside
Ralph E. Perry
Treasurer, Palm Desert Greens Democrats
Shire Ara
Ways and Means, Palm Desert Greens Democrats